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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 6  FOX  July 18, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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as we enter into the final weeks before the august 2nd deadline, there is no deal. fox 5 astom fitzgerald has more and is on the hill today. is there any movement toward a deal? >> reporter: the bottom line on that, laura is no. there were more talks today but, unfortunately, so far no major breakthrough resolving how the nation's $14.3 trillion debt ceiling is going to get raised. the democrats on one hand are demanding tax hikes on the wealthiest part of the deal and some republicans want big spending cuts. >> reporter: with 49 days left -- 14 days left until the $49.3 trillion ceiling deadline, the president urgeed both sides to work together and, so far, have been far a part. >> we can't let politics stand in the way of doing the right think this in washington. we can't stand in the way when it comes to doing the right thing on deficits. >> reporter: the focus on monday shifted to the capitol. the house republicans are introducing a deal tieing any
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debt ceiling agreement to a balanced budget amendment, have an if it reaches the president's debt, the white house is promising a veto. >> up fortunately, there is no chance of this getting through. >> reporter: des like maryland's chris van holland say the gop bill is a distraction and would drastically cut medicare while leaving tax cuts for the wealthy in place. >> and when people realize what they're doing, playing with the constitution in that way, they will see this is not about -- . >> this is a plan. >> reporter: republican senator tom coburn did try to float his own option monday. a massive $9 trillion proposal that dwarfs anything proposed by the democrats or the republicans. >> what i'm saying, it's time for a new day of the the politics need to stop. the president's politics needs to stop and the members of congress politics needs to stop. >> reporter: what won't be stopping any time soon is the senate. the majority leader harry reid announced on monday the senate
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will stay in session until a final deal is reached. the president did meet with republicans in the white house yesterday. while there was no deal, the white house press secretary jay carpy said that there were a variety of options discussed, including that one from senator mitch mcconnell last week, which would allow the congress to let the president raise the debt ceiling on its own. >> and what has champed here? that plan didn't get a big -- changed here? that plan didn't get a big response last week. >> some people called it bizarre that the leader of the republican party in the senate would grant the president the power to do this and the bottom line is that we have 14 days. the calendar clicks in in two weeks. the stakes are high and the united states could default on the debt, bills couldn't get paid and they would have to make tough choices whether to pay troops or the security checks. at this point, if the
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departments and republicans can't agree on the details, they will have to find a third way and that might be the proposal from senator mcconnell. >> and this is a big deal. thank you. the news edge on maryland now where controversy is brewing over thousands of robo calls made on election day. the two political operatives for former republican governor robert ehrlich pleaded not guilty in court to violating elects laws. neither spoke at the a reasonmet but outside, one did deny the charges. >> was there in any way an effort to discredit african- american voters? >> absolutely not. >> reporter: julie, who was hired to work as a political consultant for the gubernatorial campaign, spoke out minutes after pleading not get in baltimore circuit court to charges he violated elect laws. at issue, thousands of robo calls that went out to to112,000 residences in
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baltimore and price georges county on election day. the recorded message was intended to keep voters away from the polls. >> i am calling to let everyone know that governor o'malley and president obama have been successful. we're okay. relax. everything is fine. the only thing left is to watch it on tv tonight. >> and this is something by ken cardin, o'malley to punish people who disagree with what goes o. >> reporter: paul sherek, a longtime eric aid, was joined by his wife and daughter on monday at the arraignment. he is confidence his client will be exxon rated. >> and he's the teen of person i feel confident won't be involved in anything like this and i am cofiddent from the evidence they reviewed he's not and that is why i'm comfortable in taking the case and defending a person they believe to be innocent. >> reporter: the political operatives were indicted by a baltimore grand jury last
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month. and henson acknowledged ordering the calls but said they were not to press is the video. >> nothing in that call was not true. >> reporter: and we have more details on this matter now. a trial date has been set for september 22nd. in addition to violating state election laws, sher, k is accused of obstructing justice and there is a separate lawsuit against henson seeking millions in fines for the calls. >> following new details in prince georges county, the 46- year-old carl grandzile, a retired fire official, pleaded guilty to conspiring to committing extortion and increase tax evasion in march. his plea deal sealed and in it, we learned that they offered state and local officials bribes to get a county project approved. the officials who accepted the gifts were not named in the plea deal. and a suspected serial
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killer in prince georges county convicted today. jason scott is charred with killing dolores dewit and her daughter ebony in 2009. the police called him a person of interest in the double murder and another mother and -- mother and daughter and woman. today, a federal jury convicted him in more than 50 robberies and nine armed home invasions. in one, he sexually assaulted the 17-year-old and videotaped her naked. he does now face a mandatory minimum of everyone in years in federal prison. -- of 97 years in federal prison. >> a developing story out of southeast, a gunman on the run after shooting another man on the busy street in the middle of the day. the police tell us that this happened on martin luther king jr. avenue. paul wagner is live at the scene with more on this investigation, paul? >> reporter: the people who witnessed this said it was two men tussling with each other, wrestling, horseplays one man described it and one man didn't
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take too kindly to it and said i want you to stop and he didn't. the horseplay continued. the witnesses say that man left, got a gun and came back and opened fire. martin luther king jr. avenue was alive with shoppers and pedestrians before noon. when witnesses say the men began horses around in front of the pizza place and that is when witnesses say the one who didn't like it left to get a gun. when he returned, the man opened fire and striking the victim several -- several times. witnesses say the man was told to stop playing around and captain it up. the busy street was quickly shut down near malcolm x avenue. one woman who knows the victim showed up on the scene in hopes of learning the man's condition and d.c. police say the gunman took off and no one else was harped in the saw. >> we have shootings that take place from time to time and that is not the first we have had and i am sure not the last
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one. >> after the shooting, we're told the man ran into the barber shop behind me and he's going to survive, even though he was shot several times. at last check, the police had not made an real estate. the news edge in d.c. now where police are looking for the suspect responsible for a rash of robberies and assaults on the metropolitan brang trail. the latest happened this morning of about 9:30. a man was riding his bike near the iter error errorth and edgewood traps had -- eighth and edgewood entrance when a man with a gun shot him. it metro worker caught up in a prostitution sting returns to work for the transit agency. and why the aclu is getting involved in dan snider's plight agains the city paper -- against the city paper. and this memorial was dedicated in 1988. coming up, a ribbon cutting today to pay tribute to the
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unsung hero. and it looks like today is going to be the coolest day of the next several, yeah, we are preparing for some real hot weather to roll in to d.c. and we're keeping an eye on storms, too. what the chances are of getting a cooling thunderstorm. we'll be right back. 
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>> fox 5s monitoring metro tonight. we learned an employee who was fored in 2008 after being arrested in a prostitution sting was able to go back to work for the transit agency again. pamela was a custodian when she and another ployee were arrested. gaynes made a plea deal with prosecutors to avoid charges. her record was cleared after 40 hours of community service. metro confirmed chefs a temporary worker for a landscaping company at metro story for several months last summer. the aclu getting involved in the legal fight between redskins owner dan snider and the washington city paper. snider, you will remember,
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filed a defamation suit against the paper for a november 2010 story about him and today, the american civil ribert -- happen are theys runnion filed a brave arguing that according to a new d.c. law, snider must prove quickly that the city paper knowingly published harmful items about him or the lawsuit will be released. >> another shocking twist in the phone hacking scandal in bret a. the reporter who blew the world on "the news of the world" foundd can at home. police are -- found dead. it doesn't appear to be suspicious. also today, two high-ranking police officials resigned after being accused of wrongdoing in connect with the scandal. the news of the world was owned by news corporation, the parent company of fox 5. and this year marks the 150th versary of the civil war. coming up, we'll show you how a new museum in our area is honoring some of the war'sup
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sung hero. >> and another celebrity invited to the marine corps ball. who wants a date with betty white. and there is new queen of facebook. rihanna surged past lady gaga over the weekend. not by much. she had about 40,900,000 likes, about 12,000 more than gaga who still holds the grown on twitter. the crown on twitter. [ child's voice ] ooh, that looks good.
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d.c.'s african-american civil war museum has a new face and space. it's moved from the u street like. today, marked the new grand opening. karen gray houston has more. >> reporter: there was a pomp
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and circumstance of a fife and drum corps. on the period, costumes, the proud and including the curator gathered -- gathered at the foot foot of the african- american civil memorial and they marched across the street to the new address of the new african-american civil war museum. this year marks the 150th anniversary of the civil war and more than 200,000 black soldiers fought in it. than here as reminders looking cool despite the 90 degrees heat. >> these guys will march 20, 30 miles a day. >> and -- >> in uniform? >> and you have one uniform. >> reporter: ron was a real- life re-enactor in the movie "glory" telling the story of the union's all-black 54th massachusetts infantry and staged a legend airy assault on the confederate army.
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the museum has more than $5 million worth of exhibits including rifles, military doubts, leathers and -- documents, leathers and soldiers and interactive. the grand owing program drew dozens of city leaders, the curious and young students. >> and that is giving the credit deserved to african- americans. >> reporter: the new muse you why has seven teals the space as the old like. the museum mission to tell the nation and the world what black civil war soldiers did to preserve the union and to help make america great. karen gray houston, fox 5 news. >> well-deserved. >> mila kunis and justin timberlake may not be the only celebrities going to the malone corps ball. >> i would like to take betty white. she's funny and sweet. she's mature. she's an all-around perfect william. she is mature.
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sergeant ray lewis asked the queen-year-old betty white to be his date inviting the golden girl on youtube and he was laying on the charm. white has not responded to the invite yet and kunis and timberlake have accepted their invites and they're apparently going and did told the today show they're not attending the same one, since there are many different marine corps balls. we'll wait to see if betty white is going to do it, too. >> she needs to do it. >> i love it. >> show him how to foxtreat trot and. >> reporter: and she can show them anything. >> i love that people have rallied to her and shows her wonderful humor and self- denication is timeless. >> exactly. >> and she's a good sport. >> yeah. >> and this is really not looking good for the rest of the week. >> and that is going to get bad toward the middle and end-of- the-week, laura and people are going to be cranky about it. the senior citizens and watch
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your pets. the hot stuff is coming back to d.c. and that is in teses of the during a and pack we have a potential for multiple triple- dim the days. a little hazy looking out there and let me show you radar. while we have not seen anything here, we're not ruling out a thorpe. the clouds are sneaking down and we have thunderstorms through pennsylvania and some severe thunderstorm watches, which is including garrett county until 10:00 and we going to see this and have a slight risk not only today, but tomorrow and that is looks like yet comes in. thy on will have rain and trees and coolerful thes. and they will be welcome in many areas. meanwhile, hot, the temperature is 89 and up to 93 at reagan and dulles, bwi, 95 and
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potentially 10 degrees warmer than this in some spots and by thursday and on friday. plan accordingly, nowhere to fine the cool spot if you don't have airing" and check on people who might be suspect to the heat or certainly may feel the effects of that. it's 88 degrees in gaithersburg and most other places are in the low 90s and comfortable in annapolis, 87; stevensville, 86 and boy do we have a lot of heat across the country. and the corps of -- the core of it is from lincoln, nebraska, to dallas and del rio, dallas and that is 17 days in a row and that came in at 102 now and i don't know if that is the high for the day and might be warmer than that and that is a thunderstorm, nothing and wouldn't be shocked if some places don't get below 80 and more storms in the forecast and
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that is scattered about and again, couple, they could be damaging and we're going to stay, the shower is possible at eight in the morning and 81 degrees and some leftovers out of the north and by 91, a chance of a shower or storm and some at 5:00. tomorrow, 94 and on wednesday, 93 and this is where we have the hot stuff on thursday and friday. when you factor in the humidity, that is going to feel more and get ready for it andha is -- that is what we're worried about and has been a long time since we have had to have that 3 or $100 on the five- day forecast. >> yeah. >> and had a 102 and do not do that three days in a row. >> and that is going to build up. >> bills up, exactly. yo and there is not much relief. >> thank you very much. and this week could be the
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beginning of the end for the nfl's four-month lockout. lindsay murphy has the latest on the negotiations coming up next on your sports edge. >> and if you watch the women's world cup over the weekend, you were not alone. twitter said the match in which the u.s. lost in dramatic fashion to japan broke a world record. it was a great gape. did you see yet, soon sioux in i watched it with my girls. heartbreaking and drew 7200 tweets per second. >> wow. >> and topping major international evens including the death of osama bin laden and april's royal wedding. bp s
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>> good evening, i'm lindsay murphy. can you hear it? the clashing of helmets and pads. the end is in sight for the nfl lockout. mark your calendars -- calendars for this thursday. the owner's meetings will take place in atlanta. the goal is for the owners to
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vote and officer a deal to end the four-month-old lockout. the owners met in new york. meanwhile, members of the nfl player's association and the representatives from every team were heading here to d.c. by wednesday and in preparations for a possible vote. assuming both sides address all the unresolved issues the player rep confirmed that players will vote on the proposed collective bargaining agreement on wednesday and both sides can agree to the cba, the nfl lockout will be lested and the team activities could begin as early as friday. and the august 7th hall of fame game is in jeopardy of being cancelled of the the induction ceremony will take place on august 6th. including chris hapburger, number 55 played for 14 seasons and he was a nine-time probowler and he will be the 19th redo skins player inducted. what does he have planned for the speech? >> and i have a few thoughts
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but i'm not going to wrote anything out and there is -- what do they say, speak from the heart about the whole deal and wing it. >> and yesterday, the neighbors options to syracuse and activated jerry hareston junior and continue against the astros and jason marquis, will get a start against a team losing 16 of 19 games. >> yesterday, the top of the 3rd and the pitcher on 1st andrying into the gap and to the right center and gorzelanny going to third and tries to score and arriving at the same time. he suffered a sprained ankle and left the game after throwing warm-up pictures and is -- pitches and is listed day- to-day. darren clark is hot the only big winner this weekend.
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lake tahoe celebrity golf joe sackec, the former colorado avalanche center on the par-3, 17th, 1 scene yards and that is in the -- 169 yards and wins 1 million dollars for doing that and kept half donating the other half to lapse armstrong's live foundation. and the washington capitals look to improve to 11-0, laura? and thank you very much, lindsay pesky and back to -- lindsay murphy. the five-day is not looking nice. >> and that is looks like a scorcher, laura. friday could be 10 ten and some places warmer. and thank you, sue. now you have the news edge. the news is always on keep yet here, tmz on tv is up in next. 
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